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  1. Could we please have a monitori of the Windows shadow copies. (Are the copies are successfully created? Do we have at least xx available restore points?)
  2. Hi, We are very often in the situation backup our database with simple scripts to files on the local disk. E.g. Mysqldump or SQL server express edition. It would be create if we could monitor these exports with a plugin. I am thinking about something like: - is the file written/changed in the last xx hours (24 hours) - is the file larger then xx MBs The same monitoring would be useful for some daily database export to CSV files. Thanks for your help, and continue with your good work. Regards, Thorsten
  3. Hi Paul, thank you for your answer. The service is checked in the PcMonitor GUI and the host is not in maintenance mode. I receive out of memory warnings from the machine frequently. Also, I have not manually disabled the service through the PcMonitor infrastructure. Yesterday, I have unchecked, safed and checked again the service. And I have restarted the service through the Windows services MMC. So, everything should be fine now. Next time, the service stopps, I should receive a message. If not, I try to enable the debugging. Thank you. Regards
  4. Hello, I have two Windows 2008 R2 machines. Which the BackupExec Remote Agent installed. On both of these machines is the PcMonitor Agent installed (Version v4.0, 4989). I try to monitor the service (with System|Services) but I get no notification if the service is stopped. The service name is "Backup Exec Remote Agent for Windows Servers" (BackupExecAgentAccelerator). This looks like a bug for me. Other service monitoring is working. Thanks for your help. Regards, Thorsten
  5. I would like to see the following: - Monitoring Shadow Copy state on Windows servers (e.g. Last snapshot time, number of available snapshots). Configurable like the hard disk check - Monitor file(s) update (e.g. last update, last written, size) Regards
  6. Hi Paul, thank you for your response. I have not waited more then 10 seconds. But I will try it. Bye
  7. Hi all, is it possible to monitor the eventlog file which is written by the Windows 2008 server backup? This file is not available in the eventlog tab. Tia, Thorsten
  8. Hello, I am starting to write my first plugin to monitor a BackupExec server. The plugin works fine. But I try to query if the system can send notifications (via CanSendNotifications) and if not, put the message in a queue for later processing. However, the CanSendNotifications is always false. Even there are no messages send and all notifications cleared. Isn't this the correct way? Thank you for your help. Thorsten
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