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  1. So there is currently no way to prevent the spam automatically and I should build in a programmatic control measure?
  2. I just posted a topic with the same problem. If I leave the plugin running for too long I eventually get 40 notifications with the same message.
  3. Hi We're writing a little plugin that sends notifications. The problem is that the plugin now spams notifications and does not take heed of the CanSendNotification. I get 40 of the same message appearing. public override void PluginDataCheck() { if (CanSendNotifications) { SendNotificationToAllDevices("bLAHbLAH", NotificationPriority.CRITICAL); } } Am I misunderstanding what the cansendnotifications property means? I am under the impression that this property will switch to false after I send the first time? And only after viewing the message will it revert back to true? Kind Regards Frank
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