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  1. Hi, apologies if this has already been asked but I couldn't find a direct answer/fix for this myself. Essentially, I have reinstalled Windows on one of my machines and rebuilt the machine itself (hardware wise). When I download the manager onto it, I go to register the system and it accepts my username and password but tells me that there are no "agent Groups" available and so prevents me from registering it. I didn't have this issue when I installed pulseway the first time around on this device (before I had to totally reinstall win 11 to fix a weird bug that had crept in) I am using a free account and so have removed the previous iterations of pulseway for this machine so I am under the quota of devices I can add but still nothing. I can see that everything on the online pages appears in order. The service doesn't appear to have started (but I forget if this happens before or after registering the device on the system?) How do I go about fixing this? I am running Win 11 Home on the device and have downloaded the 64 agent (if there is anything else needed, do let me know)
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