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  1. Dear Administrator, I open the support case but I prefer forums over the support case as the former has more quick response than the later. REgards.
  2. There is no tab for auto update. Where can I find this on the server. The current version on the server is 3.1. How to update it to the latest version? Thanks
  3. Dear Support Team, I am using PC Monitor Enterprise version. I want to know how can I upgrade all the servers to the latest version. Kindly reply soon. Regards, Ibrahim.
  4. Hello, This time when i run the setup it was different error. But your previous comment helped me a lot. I just went to see the contents of update.log file and there it was mentioned as unauthorized user. I run the setup with domain admin user account and the setup finished successfully. Thanks a lot. Regards.
  5. Thanks for the response. I am at remote site now. Will send you an attachment after reaching the site. Regards
  6. Hello Experts , When I am trying to update the agent to the latest version I am getting the above error. How can I Update the agent without removing the installed software. I have previous installation with dotnet 4 full. REgards
  7. Above solution worked for me. Thanks a lot for helping. Have a nice day.
  8. In the meanwhile I just want to let Administrator know that, I have a subscribed copy of this software with more than 50 client. The detail information can be provided upon request.
  9. Hello, I mean the camera not the computer. The computer is showing in the screen but what about the agentless client. How will I get notification if IP camera is offline. I perform the above process to add the agentless client in the network tab. I added the camera ip and put port 80. Plz help
  10. Hello, I added camera's ip with port number 80. But the added device is not showing in the computer list. Now what is the next procedure ? Regards
  11. Thanks for the reply, Paul. I am at remote site now so will go to the company and have a look at it. In the meanwhile, I have doubt that is it necessary to mention port? The IP cameras are just having an ip address nothing else.
  12. Dear Experts, I need instruction regarding how to monitor IP Camera which is of course a agentless device.If the camera goes offline,I should get alert.How? Regards
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