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  1. I actually monitor 23 HP Proliant Servers. I will love to monitor the most possible HP hardware component like Smart Array SAS controllers. Even a module to inspect the HP Integrated Log Management. ILO2 support would be dreamy
  2. Some one can halp me about how can i monitor with an alert if the last scheduled Windows Backup was succesfully or not ? I need to implement that for Windows Server 2008, 2008 R2, SBS2008, SBS 2011. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  3. I actually monitor 28 server ad i have the same exact problem as jbohnenstiehl. I seen the problem throught all versions of dashboard since i use pcmonitor. i dont remember exactly but i think it was july 2011. I see random pc being offline for 1 minute and then comes back online. One of the 28 servers is a parallels plesk vm in the aruba.it server farm with reduntdant 100mbit connection and i'm pretty sure it's impossibile it loose connectivity so frequently. However it would be a pleasure if i could set the number of seconds for a server to be set as offline. It would be useful even for really poor and overutilized adsl connections
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