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  1. Hi there, I've recently started using pulseway again after mostly phasing it out of my use in my home environment. I'm aware that you've changed policy and now no longer have a free tier, although users who previously signed up still have access. I would like to know about the process of converting my existing free tier account over to a paid account as i've already hit the limit of two endpoints again which stopped me from fully adopting pulseway the first time around. Looking at the pricing it seems you have a flat fee rather than a per-endpoint. What is the total number of endpoints included in that plan? And how would I go about transitioning my account to the paid tier? Can I continue to use my personal email, as I see you no longer accept new accounts with non-work emails? Just to be clear, I do not run a business, but rather wish to use pulseway for management of my home network environment (with a large number of physical machines and VMs), as other solutions don't really compare to yours. If this isn't an option anymore, I can't say I won't be disappointed, but I will happily look elsewhere.
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