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  1. The Default Tickets Listing Click Behavior option under My Settings > Preferences does not seem to work, I currently have this set to 'Open In New Tab' rather than the default 'Open In Same Window / Open In New Window' however it still seem to open in the same window. If it helps, I have my Service Desk Experience set to 'New View'
  2. I'd like to request that when in a queue or a view, we are able to change status / assign tickets from the queue / views dashboard by left clicking the relevant section, and being able to change it from here, for instance left clicking the status, and it bring a drop down of all ticket statuses so I can then change it, or left clicking assignee, and being able to add an assignee straight from there. In the morning we typically have a number of tickets in the helpdesk, so being able to quickly view the ticket title normally enables me to then be able to close / assign tickets there and then, without having to go into each individual ticket If you require more info, please don't hesitate to let me know
  3. I'd like to request that when we hover the cursor over the title of a ticket in the queue/view that it enables us to see the latest activity of that ticket, whether is is an internal note from a technician, or a reply from a customer etc
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