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  1. We have users who perfer to keep a clean desktop either for demo's for clients or for personal reasons. when we turned on third party patching it has kept placing shortcuts on the desktop for some applications when updating them. deleting the shortcuts does not prevent them from re-appearing when the application gets updated again. Would it possible to request an option for third party patching to not deploy shortcuts to the desktop?
  2. We turned on Third-Party Patching with pulseway last week in our organization. It was immediately clear we had a problem as org wide the ability to join meetings via links was broken. the only way to join meetings now was from the teams app built in calendar. I dug into the issue and found that the installation location changed from the users directory to the program files directory, however it looks to have failed to update a registry key for the users url calls specifically URL:msteams. The field that needs to be update on each users machine to correct this was to point the default entry at Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Classes\TeamsURL\shell\open\command to the correct address instead of pointing to the users directory. we wrote a quick .bat file to fix it and we pushed this out via pulseway. so this is more of an fyi if anyone else is having similar issues. ::fix broken teams after auto update ::/ve denotes default entry /t Specifies the type of registry entries /d Specifies the data for the new entry /f Adds or deletes registry content without prompting for confirmation. for /F "delims=\ tokens=1,*" %%t in ('reg query HKU') do REG ADD "HKU\%%u\SOFTWARE\Classes\TeamsURL\shell\open\command" /f /ve /t REG_SZ /d "\"C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Teams\current\Teams.exe\" \"%%1\""
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