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  1. Hi, even I enabled the shut down command in the agent I don't see that function available on my IOS app or the web dashboard. What Am I missing? Axel
  2. I only need to monitor 1 server but I only see an option to purchase a subscription for 5. How can I get a subscription for 1 server?
  3. The dashboard application doesn't update itself even though I enabled it in setting-other. I was on 3.1 and never got updated to 3.13, 3.1.4 and 3.2 I just manually installed 3.2 after seeing on the website that there's a new version. So why isn't the application not updated automatically? Also how about a newsletter with announcements of new versions either for Agent or Dashboards? As great as the Application is there's a lack of communication to customers about new things, what's comming up.
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