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  1. Thanks Paul. I got it implanted PCMon into mine WS and working. But not exact as described there in your post, because I need to install x64 version, so I done that in that way: 1. Ran PCMonitor_x64.msi install. 2. When that mine error 1001 showed I didn't pressed "OK" but walked into "C:\Program Files\PC Monitor\" folder and copied all from there to temp folder. 3. Then I pressed "OK" on error message window, all installation rolled back, folders killed too, etc. But now I have full installation copy and BTW signed, etc, so: 4. I moved from temp back all to "C:\Program Files\PC Monitor\" 5. Ran AS ADMIN (with elevated privileges): C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v4.0.30319\InstallUtil.exe "C:\Program Files\PC Monitor\PCMonitorSrv.exe" 6. Reg updated with: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run] "PC Monitor Operations"="C:\\Program Files\\PC Monitor\\pcmontask.exe" 7. and this: http://pastebin.com/Gr0E8E1v (yes, warning that it's public pastebin, btw for now seems clean). 8. Started C:\Program Files\PC Monitor\PCMonitorManager.exe and successfully started service, phew. It's, of course, didn't have install/uninstall info and etc but I leave it. To developers: Maybe trouble comes when installing 64-bit on previous incorrectly uninstalled x86 version, so x64 calls to 86 InstallUtil or so? Because of course better to get correct install/uninstall so I want to have solution if anyone meet something same later.
  2. Yes, I tryed to notice that above in sentence: ".NET (extended, then client), and re-installed from fresh microsoft web full_setup." extended + client means full, also "full_setup". Uninstalled, reinstalled, also from fresh websetup to get latest... all time I have that 1001 error from first try, no matter I have .NET older or newer (I mean before and after .NET reinstall, because I suppose it was same version). So trouble grown somewhere in middle of process and I stuck to diagnose it. And don't want to reinstall whole Windows, right ;-).
  3. After long time use elder PC Monitor client (x86) on x64 Windows 7 got time to upgrade to x64. Got PCMonitor_x64.msi. Installation procedure was finished with remark so it can't stop "PC Monitor service" so will restart. Ok, I agreed. Restarted. Running PC Monitor confugirator on my WS tells so "can't start service". I thought old installations messed with new so first trying to repair PC monitor installation. Doesn't help. Trying to uninstall. Got that 1001 error. Tryed to remove mess by registry fixers (maybe wrong way but everything well only this don't) then went to Microsoft FixIt to uninstall rest of pc monitor. Then fully uninstalled .NET (extended, then client), and re-installed from fresh microsoft web full_setup. Rebooted. Doesn't saved me. Still got this: After run PCMonitor_x64.msi and pressing few "Next"s I have error message: Error 1001. InstallUtilLib.dll: Unknown error. And installer rolls back. (BTW meantime got iTunes updated, reinstalled right now on fresh .NET reinstall - all OK with it!) Here is result of running extended log command: PCMonitor_x64.msi /l PCMonitor_x64.msi.log (partial) So I reinstalled .NET, there is no service "PC Monitor" in services list, nor in registry, all cleaned but can't install now PC Monitor, spend night at this ..... :-( Where to dig?
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