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  1. 1.) please check if is the port 514 open on your firewall to the PHA Server


    2.) update the PHA Server

       How to update:

          - sudo -iu www-data bash
          - ./deploy.sh pha.deploy

    3.) short quicksetup info: http://www.pulseway.at/PHA64_V20VMWare.pdf



    Regards, Josef







    I configured the agent as in the handbook described. My Kiwi-Server receives logs but the heartbeat-server doesnt show up any results or data. Though website is working but no data.


    Is there a way I can fix that bug?





  2. correct,, eg. to send the result of a command in a script to the notification queue like


    netstat > c:\temp\netstat.log

    notificationbridge.exe -p 0 -s "Netstat resut" -f "c:\temp\netstat.log"


    (date, time, computer and group should be includet in the notification)  

  3. thank you Paul for your effort, but sorry, it does still not work. I check it on 2 2K8R2-Standard Server and on my NB with Windows 7 64Bit. No sessions or opened files be listed.  


    On the 2003 Server (32 Bit) no Problem.


    Lg. Josef

  4. Hi Robbin,


    thank you for your work and the great plugin! - It is very useful for maintenance Jobs, if is needed to restart the systems after midnight, after the Business is closed


    I wanted to test now the plugin on a Windows 2008R2 server, but the status remain always set at "Disable" - any idea?

  5. Great plugin Paul!


    It would be perfect if you can add in one of the next versions the options   <message priority>, <message subject> <message text> optional <message file>   like:


    NotificationBridge.exe -p 1 -s "Backupjob Success" -t "1248 MB saved"


    NotificationBridge.exe -p 3 -s "Backupjob Error" -f "c:\batch\backup.log"

    (-p 0=Low, 1=Normal, 2=Elevated, 3= Critical). Repeating notifications should be possible.


    This Syntax will give script or batchfiles in combination with variables a optimal notification System!


    I do this currently via EventCreate command and PCM Event Log notification but your NotificationBridge plugin would be more sexy ;-)


    Lg. Sepp

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