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  1. The updates are grouped and an red/yellow/grey icon will show the importance of the update.
  2. No, the agent updates will only cause the PC Monitor service to restart.
  3. The transmission IS SECURED using HTTPS (443). We are an Irish company and our servers are hosted in the US. You can always host your own PC Monitor Enterprise Server if you don't want your systems to connect to our Cloud servers. Also, please read our Privacy Policy.
  4. Email support with your username. We plan to build this functionality on the web site (My Account section) soon.
  5. When this happens check that the username and password are correct (and if applicable the dedicated server is also correct).
  6. It is not a bug, please consult the user manual: http://pulseway.com/usermanual before.
  7. Are the email notifications enabled? Do you still receive push notifications? If both yes looks like your mail server is blocking our emails.
  8. Marius

    SNMP Server Module

    the iOS app will be available shortly as well as the WebApp.
  9. Starting from version 3.9, Pulseway supports file change notifications.
  10. Marius

    SNMP Server Module

    SNMP Server module allows SNMP agent exploring, crawling for exposed variables, displaying real-time values on the mobile clients and monitoring variables for changes using configured rules. Agent discovery is supported, you click the “Run Discovery” button and watch how SNMP agents get added. Exporting and Importing is also possible to ease the process of configuration backup and migration. Send notifications when a selected SNMP agent variable value meets a certain condition:
  11. Thank you, can you please email us (support at mobilepcmonitor dot com) a screenshot?
  12. We will consider this. BTW, we do support two-step authentication for accessing account settings, the web app and some other settings. Check the Account Details section in PC Monitor Manager.
  13. It's scheduled to be released in 3 weeks.
  14. You will need to create your own plugin for that.
  15. File create, change, delete and rename notifications are already implemented and will be available in the next Windows agent release (ver. 3.9). file.tiff
  16. This is not supported for now but we will consider adding it in a future release.
  17. We are considering adding the SNMP support in the next (3.9) release.
  18. Simon, we have sent you an email about this issue - we will need to investigate further but I think your WebApp is pointing to a wrong server Url.
  19. http://forum.pulseway.com/topic/414-wake-up-mac/
  20. This is a link on how to get a subscription: http://pulseway.com/support/getsubscription As for waking up a Mac this has been answered already: http://forum.pulseway.com/topic/414-wake-up-mac/ - not supported in the current release.
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