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Hello users.


Yesterday I've installed PC Monitor for android to remote control my PC and It is great!


The only thing I am concerned about is that I need to turn off my windows password in order to allow the app to log in into the system after I turn it on from a distance.


Is there any way I could still have my windows password-protected and use PC Monitor? Like... It could type it automaticly when the windows is starting or something?
For now, to access my computer, I have to shut down the password completely, so system can get to the desktop after just turning it on. But this way my system isn't protected from anyone that could turn it on manually from home...


Thanks for your help!

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PC Monitor runs as a service, you don't have to turn off any account password. In fact, you don't even need to be logged in for the PC Monitor service to start.


Hope this helps.

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