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Offline Server isn't offline


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Hello everybody did someone already faced this problem?

I have already taken a look to another topic in bugs section regarding "Offline Servers that aren't offline"

So I already startet the local installation on that Server and Click validate Account.


After using it following Error box appears:

"Es war kein an https://gate.mobilesystemmanager.com/server.svc lauschend Endpunkt vorhanden der die Nachricht annehmen konnte. ........"


nslookup told me the correct address by using different DNS Servers. Restarting Service and logoff / logon didn't solved the problem at all. No configuration change took place since the last contact to the server. We only had a short downtime of Internetconnection that was monitored correctly by PC Monitor.

What can i do without starting Server in business time?

Thanks a lot for your help.


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