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When you apply a Policy under the Organization, you cannot longer manage it individually. For example, if I apply an Antivirus Policy for the entire organization, and then I need to troubleshoot 1 EndPoint, I cannot longer remove the antivirus for that individual EndPoint I have to go to the Organization and remove the policy causing the Antivirus to be removed from ALL Endpoints. Same thing with Patch Management.

I know I can do this in bulks in the corresponding section, go to EndPoint Protection, select all Endpoints and install the AV this way, but WHY? I would like that when I join a computer to a network, this will automatically install the Pulseway Agent, install the AV and install the Patch Management without me to do it manually or remember to do it.

I've been with Pulseway for over 10 years now, requested this and still nothing.

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