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Signal 11 Segfault on Debian Bullseye


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pulseway[761385]: Signal handled: 11
kernel: pulsewayd[761509]: segfault at 30007 ip 00007f1bf8d55704 sp 00007f1beb7fdc38 error 4 in libc-2.31.so[7f1bf8c09000+159000]
kernel: Code: 17 c5 fb 93 c2 83 e8 ff 75 0c c3 66 66 2e 0f 1f 84 00 00 00 00 00 f3 0f bc c8 0f b6 04 0f 0f b6 14 0e 29 d0 c3 90 0>
systemd[1]: pulseway.service: Main process exited, code=killed, status=11/SEGV
colo-vm1 systemd[1]: pulseway.service: Failed with result 'signal'.

This keeps happening on one of my Debian bullseye boxes. I have other boxes where this is not happening at all and the client is fine. So I'm not sure why this particular box has this issue. My XML config for this box is stock.

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