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Remote Desktop CLIENT - Can't install with redirected AppData


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Hoping I can get some insight here, or may just submit an official support request. 


Someone in our org who is in a Help Desk position needs to get Pulseway Remote Control installed on their machine so they can connect to end user workstations for troubleshooting. I've installed this many times but for some reason this time it's complaining about the appdata folder being redirected. 


In specific we are seeing a can't access error on a path \\servername\users\username\appdata\\pulseway remote control


I am wondering if that double backslash is the issue here. We have plenty of other things installed and require app data access and they all are working fine, permissions are fine, etc....

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Hi @planedrop

I would try it with the one backslash, also make sure that the user has access tot he machine to take remote control or not. Here are two articles that will help 1  and 2

If that doesn't work than I can definitley raise a support ticket for to try and get it sorted for you. 


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Thank you for sending this, I will open a ticket. The issue is that I am not the one putting that extra backslash in place, that's the default path that Pulseway is using and cannot be modified (the prompt to enter a different install path never even opens up). 


This happens even after getting it installed with local admin and then trying to run it from another user. 

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