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Alert when offline files have not sync'd


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Hi all,

I'm enabling offline files just for the desktop for our laptop users and would like a way to be alerted if there is an error in the sync on the machine however i would like it to only alert me if there is an issue with the sync process itself and not everytime it has tried to sync but failed due to it not being connected to the corporate network (if that makes sense)

Anyone done anything similar or how do you monitor this to make sure offline files ARE syncing ?

Thanks in advance

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Hi @NoIdeaWhatImDoing

Unfortunately this feature isn't available through Pulseway, however if there is an event log entry you can populate this under 'Event Log Monitoring' via Profile -> Policies 

I hope this helps and if you have any other questions please let me know. 


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Could you get this information by setting up Eventlog Monitoring and filtering them to your needs?


Edit: Yeah I didn't read the previous post completely - was already suggested :)

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