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Monitored service not reporting as "stopped" after clearing notifications


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We have (of course) some monitored Windows services and today we were stumped that the notification of a service that wasn't running didn't show up again after clearing all notifications.

The service died Monday night (due to problems with the SQL server hosting the corresponding database of the service) and we missed the alert, since we clear our notifications first thing in the morning to get a clean "what's up" (or down ;) )view.

So the alert was there, it just didn't come up again after clearing and we're almost certain that this behaviour was changed in the past, although I couldn't find anything about it in the changelogs.

I've just tested this:

  • Start monitored service
  • Kill the service's process via Task Manager
  • Wait for the set notification timeout (2 min)
    • -> Notification was triggered
  • Clear all notifications
  • Wait for the set notification timeout (2 min)
    • -> Notification was NOT triggered again

We're on the current release (9.2.1 Agent) and not sure when this started happening.
Me and my team are (or were?) in belief that it used to re-trigger and behave like it does with certificate expiration notifications.

Could you confirm if this behaviour we just noticed is intended or has (recently) been changed?
If it has been changed or this is intended (and always has been this way): Is there another way to re-trigger the service stopped/not running notification?

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