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Does Send Email from File Browser work?

Mike Shevenell

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Seemed pretty simple to set this up in the Pulseway Manager (9.2) Application on Windows (target PC). Sending the test eMail worked perfectly.

I then tried sending a file from the web application (running on a different windows machine) - email pick don't even show up. Only Delete & Cancel are shown.

Restarted Pulseway service on target machine - email pick not shown

Complete reboot of target machine - email pick not shown

Next tried the mobile client on Android (version 12) - email pick not shown

So does this feature really work? I have no problem sending / receiving the test email but no chance to even try sending files.




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Hey @Mike Shevenell Thanks for your question. 

Unfortunately if you have configured the settings on one agent it would not show up on the RMM Web portal. However you can configure the settings on the profile rather than the agent, as agent impacts one machine but the profile can be included in a  policy and can impact multiple machines.
If you have any other questions please ask away.
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