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Remote sites all show as offline


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Hi all,

We have an on premise server and since the start of this we've had the probe which is sat at our head office scan the networks over site to site VPN's and it has picked up all the equipment however when we went to enroll devices on the remote subnets they all appear as offline even though we can ping them FROM the Pulseway on prem server itself ? We've now gone and installed a PC at one of the remote sites, applied it as a probe and done a scan and even with the probe being on the same network and subnet they STILL show as offline?

If i look at all the devices that i can enroll they ALL show as offline even though it clearly can see them online as it's scanned them and picked up their MAC address ? I've raised this with support over 2 weeks ago and they are still "looking into it" ?

Anyone got any ideas on what i can check ?

Just to clarify that all remote sites have site to site VPN's so it doesn't affect firewall rules as such and i can ping these devices FROM the Pulseway server itself ?


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