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How to properly set up workflows and triggers

Lazaro Carrillo

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Hello community. I am new to pulseway and really love the design and tools it offers but I would like to know exactly how a workflow is triggered. 

I made a workflow with the following conditions:

1- Trigger:

                ***Service Stopped.


                ***Service name --> contains --> Altaro

                ***System --> is equal to --> DC2 (one of my systems name)

3-Green Checkmark:

                ***Start service: Altaro


******The maximum execution time is 12 hours. (I dont really know if I should lower this.)*****


Is there an specific time delay or do I have to wait for something before it starts the service again?? I am monitoring the service Altaro on the local agent installation in that system. The actual service name is Altaro.WANDeduplication.service (example), i am only including part of the name. 


Thanks for any help.




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1. You should lower your execution time down to 1 hour.  Execution time is like... "How long should this thing try and run before it times out" type of thing.  You shouldn't need it to run that long.

2. You are going to need to use the actual exact service name when trying to start the service. 

The rest looks ok assuming you are monitoring AND set to receive notifications on that service for that particular machine. That's the biggest drawback currently of how the automation works. You must receive a notification for the automation to trigger.   

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