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Is there a way to reference PulseWay data (ie. Organization, Site, etc.) in scripts?

Wade Weppler

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Would love a way to reference PulseWay data in scripts.  A use case is installation of a backup client, or other software that can include the organization name as a commandline installation option to associate that software with a specific client.


This way we can right one script that would apply across all clients instead of having to customize a script/add a custom field for each client.

The info is already there, just would be nice to reference it somehow from a script.

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There currently is not, but that is the biggest thing that I have written out about scripting in the below linked thread.  I also have a feature request in.

The idea behind this would be you can set Site level or Script level custom fields and be able to reference them in your scripts, to do exactly what you are talking about.  




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