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Keyboard behavior in Pulseway Manager


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Hello dear Pulseway team,

today I noticed that the navigation with the keyboard is inconsistent (or at least it felt a bit off) when adding notifications for Performance Counters.


The numbers indicate the next option each time i pressed Tab.

Cycling through the menu works fine, but "Cancel" (2) as the second option, when starting from "Name:" (1) seems wrong.
Maybe remove the description (4) as a target for Tab-cycling?

Also I noticed that Ctrl+Backspace (delete whole preceding word) doesn't work in here, it just adds rectangle (symbol) to the text.
Behaves the same in Name: (1) and Value (6) and Minutes (7). This is also true for other textboxes in other areas of the app, like Computer Name: (Registration Tab) etc.

Counter selection (3) works fine (e.g. Alt+Down arrow to expand Drop-Down List and .

ESC doesn't cancel out of the dialogue.

Just some minor annoyances I had while setting up many counters.




Edited by JohnnyJoker
Added missing ESC key behaviour
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