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Failed Installation... Cannot continue

Ryan Hall

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Ok so I downloaded the newest version and launched the installer. It got to the end and gave the following error:

Product: PC Monitor -- Error 1001. Error 1001. The source was not found, but some or all event logs could not be searched. Inaccessible logs: OAlerts.

I only could select "OK" and did so which rolled back the install. I then attempted to reinstall and i get the following error:

Error 1001. The specified service already exists.

Again I can only click OK and then it rolls back. There are some temp files in the C:\Program Files\PC Monitor\ from the install. There is also something interesting where when I attempt to install I can actually launch the software from the above folder once the error pops up however when I press "OK" it rolls back and all the files disappear.

Any thoughts out there as to what to do now?? I would like to get this installed.

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I checked and I have 2 entries for .NET 4

"Client Profile" and "Extended"

When I went to download and install the "FULL" it was asking me if I wanted to repair or remove so I am assuming I have 4.0 installed. I have other applications that use it so I think I am already covered.

I do not have the registry keys you wrote about in the other post and when I try to delete the installation folder it says "You need permission to do this". I will restart later and give it another whirl.

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