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Deploy Agent without shortcuts


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I am new to Pulseway, and have noticed that when I deploy manually by downloading the .msi and running as a local admin that the Pulseway Manager shortcuts get added to the desktop and the start menu.  However, if I use a probe and deploy via mass deployment that the agent still gets deployed but without any shortcuts.  Is there a way to replicate this behavior (no shortcuts) when running locally? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi JKchess,

Did you find an answer to this question ?

Personnaly what I did is configure a Automation - Workflows whit the New system detected and added a script in there to delete the shortcut. I also added a couple of script to install default stuff or certain policies I want for Windows Workstation. 

Here is the delete script. It will delete the shortcut form the public folder and list all the users folder to delete it. Hope this help. 


REM delete from Public Desktop
del /s "C:\Users\Public\Desktop\Pulseway Manager.lnk" /f /q

REM delete from All Users Desktop
del /s /q C:\windows\temp\list_dirs.txt

dir /b C:\users\* > C:\windows\temp\list_dirs.txt

FOR /F "tokens=*" %%I IN ('type C:\windows\temp\list_dirs.txt') DO del /S /Q "C:\Users\%%I\desktop\Pulseway Manager.lnk"

del /s /q C:\windows\temp\list_dirs.txt


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