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Report on certificates in Trusted Certificate store


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There isn't a report as such to list the certificates in a store. You could write a script to gather this using PowerShell, however its the storing of the data that would be difficult.

It's possible to put data into a Custom Field, and then run a report on that Custom Field - however depends on what you want to see from your certificate store. If you just want to know just about one certificate for example, then you could run your PowerShell and drop the answer into a single custom field. If however you want to know about multiple, the custom field i don't think would work very well here - it's better for storing a single item of data.

Custom Fields Help Doc - Introduction to Custom Fields | Pulseway Help Center (intercom.help

Hope this helps

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Thanks for the info. I have changed my direction on this and in place of looking to see who has a specific certificate, I am just trying to push it out and install. Using Pulseway, I can get the file delivered to the remote workstations but installing I am running into a problem on my script. I cannot seem to get the PowerShell script to install under elevated privilege's. Once I can resolve this, my task should be working.

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Is it down to your PowerShell Inheritance config within Pulseway agent? 

Remember, by default Pulseway agent runs as "SYSTEM" - you may need to enable impersonation so it runs as a domain user or a whatever.

Not sure, but that would be my first suspicion. 


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