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Conditions in workflows?


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Hi Team! 

I'm working with workflows for the first time to automate simple incidents such as disk full - and have a few questions regarding conditions. This workflow in the screenshot has a few steps above it to clear out temp/cache/defrag, then it gets to a condition that determines if the notification should be removed or set to critical. When executing this workflow on a system with less than 1% disk space, the OS disk was at 60% free space, yet it ran the "fail" actions instead. Are conditions re-evaluated at the time of execution, or is it based on the agents status at the time of workflow execution? 

Next question: Is it possible to log the results in your PSA (Success = log ticket & close/Fail = log ticket for followup)?

Final question: I cant seem to find how to add steps once a workflow has been created. I can move the blocks around, but cannot add steps to an existing workflow. 

Thanks for building a great tool! I'm sure for some of these questions I am just missing a critical step. 



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