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Push notifications on Galaxy A10

Joachim Riisager

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Hi Pulseway


I am trying to enable 2FA on an account. When i try to add the device as a trusted device, the device is gryed out and says: Two factor authentication requires push notifications which are not enabled on this device. App permissions are all allowed and notifications for the app is allowed. I have tried to uninstall the app and delete the device from the web-app and reinstall the app again. I cannot get the Samsung Galaxy A10 to be validated as a push-enabled phone. 

What can i do?


Best regards

Joachim Riisager

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me and my colleague switched to a P30 Lite and we too can't enable PUSH Notifications on that phone. I've read that the EMUI power saving features make it hard, but it just won't.

The Device is approved and registered and the notifications settings in the app are enabled, the power saving options have been disabled (run in background etc.) but still no dice.
We also deleted the old device, dis- and reenabled Push on the account settings.
At the moment the device is running Android 9 although it should get Android 10 ... somehow. I'll update when I find something.

Do you guys have any ideas?
I can provide screenshots etc.

EDIT: I've fixed the notifications by removing the App and reinstalling from the Playstore. After that I've logged into the app but the final kicker was another Sign Out from the App (Cogwheel/Settings -> Sign Out (Clear the configured account). I think that helped because the App was transferred with/by "Phone Clone" (Huawei Tool) from the old Honor 7 to the new P30 Lite. Everything is working fine now. Power Saver Settings weren't an issue.

Cheers, JohnnyJoker


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Fixed it
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