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Supermicro Hardware Monitor


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I've got a bunch of x8 and x9 series SuperMicro motherboards that Pulseway doesn't monitor the hardware on. Fans, temps, power, etc Both the SuperDoctor 3 and SuperDoctor 5 utilities detect the hardware as well as HWInfo. How can I get these monitored? Baring that, how can I get SNMP setup to check the local host to monitor the output from SuperDoctor 5?

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Hi @tolcheen,

In order to monitor hardware on the same system via SNMP you will need to install SNMP service on your system and then configure Pulseway to monitor these SNMP variables via SNMP.

For more details on how to configure this please checkout the following link.

Also, we will check if OpenHardware monitor has an update in which support for these motherboards is added.

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