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SNMP Device detection and Configuration Help


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I'm having all sorts of issues trying to get SNMP monitoring to work. I can't get anything from our LSI 9271 RAID controllers, WatchGuard Firewalls, Dell Switches, APCUPSd, or SuperDoctor. I tried following the example for the RAID monitoring setup but get nowhere. A big question I have is should I have Windows SNMP both installed and should I have it configured? Are people using a different SNMP service besides Microsoft for SNMP v3? Does Discover not work is the devices are not SNMP v1 and set for public? Why no MIB import tool?


Please help

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Hi @tolcheen,

In order to configure SNMP you will need to verify the following:

1. Does that device support SNMP monitoring.

2. Verify that SNMP is enabled on the interface to which you are connecting.

3. If are you using SNMP V3, then you need to verify that that user is created on network device and configured so you can access SNMP.

4. Make sure that port on which SNMP is available is open (usually port 161)

5. If you have made multiple unsuccessful connections, then it is possible that Pulseway has blocked this connection and in order to clear this blocking you will need to restart Pulseway service on the device from which are you trying to connect.


Regarding SNMP service - for Windows servers, it is required if you try to config SNMP monitoring on the same device on which Pulseway agent is installed, however if it is remote device, then it is not required.

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