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Remote Desktop: Connecting fails when disconnected session present


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When trying to connect to a system (Server 2016 in this case) that has a disconnected MS RDP session in disconnected state, and one tries to connect to the console session, the connection get established but after one type in the password it comes up with the attached error and disconnects.

This appears to then log off the disconnected session and the second attempt goes through successfully.

Is this a bug or by design? If by design maybe a feature request can be posted to disconnect a user session from the User Sessions window, before one click on "Start Remote Desktop"



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Hi @Louwrens,

This is happening because that session is no longer active (idle) and as soon as you connect to the console session that session is destroyed by Microsoft. The Pulseway RD is designed to join the currently active console session, therefore as soon as Microsoft makes changes to existing session you are asked to reconnect to that session. The same will happen if you will switch the user accounts while you are connected to that system. You will need to reconnect to that system using the Pulseway RD using the account to which you want to switch the console.

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