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Guy Steels

Increase login session time

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We would like to increase the time a loggedin session is active in the web application. Currently, you get logged out after +- 30 minutes of inactivity. As far as I know there is no config available that can be modified in the webapp itself (we currently have a team account).
I tried to fix it using a browser addon/extension ("Staying alive" for Chrome or "Session alive" for Firefox) but I didn't succeed in configuring it correctly to make it work. A background request on the main url (eg. ...pulseway.com/app/main/systems) did not refresh the session. If anyone has some pointers how I should configure the stay alive extensions it would be appreciated.

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Hi @Guy Steels,

If are we talking about the Pulseway WebApp, then it is possible to increase the inactivity timer to 120 minutes = 2 hours. This option is available for you from the Pulseway WebApp -> Server Admin -> Settings -> Web Application.

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