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Accesspoints in dashboard


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Is it possible to add accesspoints in the Pulseway dashboard? If it is possible how does it work?
I am trying to get a accesspoint in my existing dashboard but it doesn't work yet.

I cant find info of it anywhere.


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Hi @mitch,

The access points like all other devices can be monitored via SNMP if the device supports it. In order to register this device as the separate system you will need to use the Pulseway REST API. Note: in order to monitor this device you will need to build the application which will check the SNMP variable and then use the Pulseway REST API to send the notifications to the Pulseway Dashboard.

Currently SNMP module is built into the Pulseway agent on Windows systems therefore the Access point which will be monitored via it will not be shown as separate device. For more details about this please check out the following link.


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