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How to delete monitored computer


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I retired a computer running Pulseway Manager and replaced it with a new one. MMSoft website FAQ describes the procedure to delete a monitored computer. Step one is to uninstall the Pulseway Manager on the computer to be deleted. I did not do that. I just archived the computer and reformatted the system drive. The next step is to bring up Pulseway Manager on another computer and use the Account tab to show a list of computers in the group, and delete it from there. I do not have an Account tab in any of my Pulseway Managers (v6.2.1). I signed on to my MMSoft website account thinking that I should be able to delete the computer from there. The archived computer shows up as "Default" and "Offline". I could not find any option to delete. My questions are:

1. Is there a process to add the Account tab to the Pulseway Manager?

2. Is there an option to delete a computer using the MMSoft website account?

3. How did the computer get identified as the "Default"? What is the purpose of a "Default" designation?

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Hi @Muse2Me,

All systems which are registered with your Pulseway account are shown into the Pulseway WebApp. For more details how to delete the system, please check out the following links:

1. how-to-remove-a-monitored-system-pro/free-plan-60

2. how-to-remove-a-monitored-system-team-plan-pulseway-60

By default all systems are placed into the default group unless you create new Organizations-Sites-Groups. For more details please check out the following links.

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