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Pulseway Install - automation


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So I am currently trialing Pulseway and looking for a bit of help.

What I am trying to do is the following:

Have an automated way of installing Pulseway for Domain and non-domain joined devices and it go into the correct reporting groups etc

For Domain joined, I understand I can install through GPO and then import configuration
For non-Domain joined, I obviously will need to double click the msi file manually, but what I would like to do is have a way of importing the configuration automatically also.

Is there no way of having custom msi files per customer? For instance, If I Built 10 different MSI files for 10 different customers and then whenever I ran any of those MSI files, it would get those client specific monitoring, settings etc

I also saw that you should create tags,scope and groups etc and tags should be used for things such as Customer names? If that is right, is there anyway I can build this into the MSI or config file?
If Im reading the knowledge base correctly, you have to create and add tags on a PER SYSTEM basis once youve installed the agent, is that right? Is there no way to automate this? e.g If I install onto 15 client PC's or even 5 that are not domain joined. I dont want to then go into each systemmanually and edit.


Also, what is the difference when installing "Just for me" or "Everyone"? As it is an RMM, I want to mionitor the system for everyone and not 1 specific individual, but yet the default is "just for me"? I saw a knowledg ebase post on here about uninstalling Pulseway automatically or something and im sure it said it only worked if you installed using "everyone", so what is the pro/con for 1 vs the other?


Can I create a 2nd user account that doesnt have my "administrator" details in it, that I can enter on remote systems and still have them monitored? e.g "monitoring" or something...You know so im not entering MY pulseway admin details on every computer...instead I am entering the bare minimum with only "user" privs but when I login to my admin on the webapp I still see and get notifications of everything?

Monitoring Interfaces-

Is there a way to monitor all interface by default and then configure this from the webapp, since all systems are going to be unique?


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