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Disk Drive space

Aaron Trujillo

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Today i got a notification that read as the following: 


Hi Pulseway,

The free space on the non-system disk drive D: on the computer 'GP1-PROD-FSVR01' in group 'Default' is below 20.0% (106.38 GB free of 999.99 GB)

Pulseway Production

I am not sure how this was set up in our configuration.  Is this an standard out of the box notification that is there regardless of set up or has it been set up to monitor disk space by someone on our end?  If so can you tell me how that is so?


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  • Staff

Hi Aaron,

By default there are no notifications configured. If you haven't configured this on your system, then it is possible that this notification is configured in the Pulseway group policy for the group in which you added your machine. Please check this article, how to access these policies.

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