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Types of Nitcations


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Would anyone have  list of the available notification types? Here are a few I'm hoping exists.

Alert when someone signs in/logs into a machine.
Alert when someone signs out.
Alert wen machine is powered on.
Alert when password is changed.
Alert when someone uses the machine unexpectedly (without consent, such as remote users).

Please let me know if these are supported.



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The following Event ID's from the Security log should help get you started:

4634, An account was logged off.
4647, User initiated logoff
4624, An account was successfully logged on
4800, The workstation was locked
4801, The workstation was unlocked
4802, The screen saver was invoked
4803, The screen saver was dismissed

This article explains how to use the Event ID's to create Notifications:



Also, several things on your list are already included as built-in Notifications:


For the other events, Google is your friend.

And before someone complains that I'm answering a 2 year old post, I'm just trying to be helpful. Maybe someone will have the same question and then they'll have the answer.


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