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Map "Priorities" to "Levels" by default


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When creating a new Event Log Notification, typically I want the Notification to have a "Priority" that maps to its "Level".

So, please make the Priority default to whatever is the highest Level of the checkboxes that are selected for the Notification, but still allow the user to select a Priority they prefer. By default, then:

Error = Critical

Warning = Elevated

Information = Normal. Or Low. Not sure of the difference.

What's the difference between Low and Normal in PCM Priorities?

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That's great to hear...but it wasn't really what I was asking, so I guess I didn't explain it very well. And since then, I've rethought what I'm asking for anyway! So here's version 1.1 of my request:

Here's one of several relevant scenarios:

Dell OpenManage Server Administrator (OMSA) doesn't log very many events, but the ones it logs are usually related to storage problems. So if OMSA has anything to report, I want to hear about it. Therefore, I have set up Notifications to alert me to all OMSA events.

Currently, in order to receive Critical notifications for Error events, Elevated notifications for Warning events, and Normal notifications for Information events, I have to map Severity to Priority myself by settng up 3 separate notifications.

What I'd like is to set up one notification for OMSA, with Critical, Warning and Information checkboxes turned on, and have PC Monitor set the Priority level at run time, to match the Severity of the Event.

I'd like to see a new "Automatic" setting on the Priority dropdown that does this.

OMSA is an especially good example, because I don't restrict its notifications to a few IDs. But I find that in general, I want the Event Severity to match the Notification Priority.

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