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Slow remote desktop

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Hey Forum,

Due to security issues our company has recently decided to close all Windows RDP ports and switch to using the Pulseway remote desktop feature, as we were already using Pulseway on (almost) all of our customers' systems. However, these connections seem extremely slow and laggy, even when we had a good connection using Windows RDP. Is this a known problem that we can fix? Is there maybe a workaround?

I'm looking forward to your response,

- Jaapyse

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Hi Jaapyse,

from my experience the upload of the customers system is the critical component. From my measurements 2 MBit/s upload should give a acceptable Performance.
Do you have a self hosted Enterprise Server or are you using the hosted package? If you host it yourself, you should NAT the port 443 directly form external wan to internal LAN destination. You should not use any reverse proxy.

Maybe you could use a vpn to your customers infrastructure? Or, if rdp only is needed, you can use a Windows remote desktop gateway server. It uses https for rdp instead of direct port 3389 usage.

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Hey mario and others,

We have tested placing the enterprise server in front of the reverse proxy and the results were indeed positive! I would like to add however that, in case this doesn't solve the problem for you, disabling hardware acceleration can make a huge difference. For some of our systems it made the difference of lagging with one frame per second to being fluent enough to work with it flawlessly. I thought I'd let you know.

- Jaapyse

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