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cannot see PC in the monitoring list

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Hi, i am monitoring a dozen computers without any problems but recently i was trying to add brand new pc to the list but i keep having problems.

I have successfully completed:

  • installation of 64bit app to the pc (64bit win7 home premium)
  • config import from the file.

after this i am stuck. for some reason the settings that was imported did not take effect (settings contains username and pass but they are not being uploaded to the system either.) I have tried to login manually and get "successful validation" message, but when i press "acc details" or "registered computers" i am being requested password again (which is fine) but the issue is that it does not accept my pass and gives me "password is invalid" (tried zillion times). the pc also do not appear on the list of monitored pcs.

I have tried to replicate every task on the other pcs and did not have any problems.

Worth mentioning that i have two identical pcs (purchased at the same time) and one of them works fine (software and settings are the same). both pcs do have same antivirus (McAfee). so it cannot be this.

i have also tried to:

  • uninstall-restart-install
  • uninstall-regedit clean (from "pc monitor" and "pcmonitor" files)-restart-install
  • tried 64 and 32 bit versions
  • tried manual login and configuration. but no success getting it on the list

p.s. all these task have been completed via admin account. The system is up to date.as well.

please help me to find a solution.

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