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Alert the Next Morning


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I have Do Not Disturb enabled on my phone up until 6am. 

This morning I logged in and found a number of machines had been down for a few hours.

Is there any way Pulseway can be configured to alert more than when it initially discovers a machine is offline? For example, if Pulseway can be setup to check an offline host every 15, 30, 60 minutes etc, then I would have been alerted much sooner.



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While I agree with you, there should be a way to notify you for critical alerts this can become annoying very fast. For instance if you're in a meeting and you get a critical Pulseway notification and the phone vibrates every 15 minutes it can easily distract you. What we usually do is when we wake up, we see the list of notifications on the phone and we react to them. Our engineers do not use the Do Not Disturb feature so they can react to the notifications as soon as they get triggered.

An alternative would be PagerDuty which can send you a text message or even call you when a certain notification is triggered.


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