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[BUG] Remote Desktop


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with Remote Desktop version 4.7.6 I noticed some bugs:

  • When Remote Desktop is opened for some time, the Num Lock on my local keyboard gets set to whatever is set on remote machine and cannot be changed as long as Remote window is opened.
  • Also typing into local programs is not possible if remote window is frozen (which seem to happen after leaving remote window active for few hours). Closing Remote window helps.
  • ALT+TAB does not work in remote window, neither inside it, nor out of it (I expect it would switch windows either inside remote session, or to switch off of remote window, but nothing happens)

And to wishlist:

  • Copy-Paste file transfer to/from remote computer
  • and maybe to release a 1 concurrent remote session per 10 licences, that would be nice - having only 1 and paying US$ 1000 for next one is kinda frustrating :)
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Hi Calin,

I was not able to reproduce the above mentioned bug again, but I can give you more info:

  • my control computer (viewer) is Windows 8.1, 64-bit, i7 CPU with 8 cores @ 3,4GHz and 20GB RAM
  • remote computer is Windows Server 2012R2, 4-core Xeon with 8GB RAM
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