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Error 1001


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Hello guys.


This error is showing up when I'm trying to install it!

I recently installed it, but i didn't show on my desktop nor the "delete programs" tabs


So i can't uninstall it and reinstall it! 


it has installed fine then my PC should restart - So i though it wasn't installed so i install it then it says this error! 


Help please!

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This error occurs due to the improper installation of the agent. I would suggest performing the below steps to remove the Pulseway Registry and reinstall from the fresh installer:

1., Stop the "PC Monitor Service", delete the same using the below commands (Please use these commands as the administrator through the elevated terminal to stop and un-register the Pulseway service:)
net stop "PC Monitor"
sc delete "PC Monitor"

2., Delete Pulseway folder exists in the C:\Program files\Pulseway and then open the registry by using Regedit command in the search tab and check whether MMSOFT or Pulseway folder is present under Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE if the Pulseway or MMSOFT registry entry is found then please delete the entries (deleting registry key for Pulseway, will delete all configuration for the agent) and then reboot the system and install Pulseway.

And after uninstallation, Please download the fresh installer from this link and try to install it again.

Please let us know how it goes, so this community forum will have a confirmation about your results. :)

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