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OS X monitoring features


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I've been testing Pulseway out for a few weeks now and have about 2 weeks before my trial expires.


So far, I really like Pulseway and what it does, but I'm very concerned that there are tons of features for monitioring windows servers and there's quite a bit that can be configured for linux (I haven't dug into this yet), but the OS X daemon seems to be lacking in features.


Why can't we monitoring services on Macs?

I don't see services or scheduled tasks for Macs.


For Mac servers (using Apple's server app) I would think it should be pretty simple to integrate with status off the server app.  There are a ton of console commands for "serveradmin" that return status of all aspects of the server and there are numerous controls that can be performed using serveradmin.


While I do like what I CAN do with pulseway, I really think us Mac users are getting jipped by being charged the same price as Windows admins that get, what looks like, 10 times the features.


In addition, I was looking for notification settings for the port monitoring feature.  Is there a way to configure notifications for ports?

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Welcome to the Pulseway community and thank you for your feedback.


The Mac OS X Pulseway app is in a constant improvement so we add a lot of features that are supported by the Windows agent one by one. At this moment you cannot receive notifications for closed ports but it's on our todo list and it's something we're surely going to be adding in the future. Monitoring Mac OS X daemons (services) is on our todo list as well so if you keep an eye out for updates you'll see the features appear on the newer versions.




Pulseway Support

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Hmm, ok. I will restated my comment about it just doesn't seem fair that Mac Admins are charged the same rate as Windows admins with less than 1/2 the features. This is my only hang up at this point. Some how, I don't see getting a break for that, but it would certainly be a nice thought, maybe even for the first year since there are so many things not available for Macs at the present.

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