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API timetable and requests

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Hi, do you have a timetable for the REST API? As it stands I am interested in doing a 'proof-of-concept' but can imagine several things I'd like to see before it became useful as a central monitoring point.


Off the top of my head...


1)Notifications that prompt for a reply

eg 'Loss of power for 5 minutes and and UPS down to 20 minutes. Power off non-essential subsystems? (Y/N)') - that can be replied to over a mobile .

The difference between this and 'send a command' would be application-specific rather than system-specific, for instance in the middle of a backup you might get a notification like 'Expected volume MONDAY but volume TUESDAY is loaded. 'C'ancel backup or 'O'vewrite data on TUESDAY'


2) A drilldown, eg:


Storage --> Mounts --> Disk units


for example - Storage goes to a list of local mounts/volumes, and each of them shows lower-level disks which collectively make up the volume, finally ending in the lowest-level disk 'properties' which are useful.


Ideally though, the drilldown will be the presentation layer, not the data-layer - ie the data item could be supplied in any order, and updated in any order but  an alternative way to drill down could be set rather than fixed in the API.


for instance a group of systems can have a 'Storage' icon, which leads to a screen listing disk usage for each 'root partition' of each system within the group - allowing you to see multiple systems at a glance.



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