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  1. Thank you, I found it. I see the max threshold is 120 min, is there any way/plan to increase it?
  2. Hi @Paul I just realized that I have a Team plan. And yet I don't see duration setting on Server Admin > Policies > Notifications > Status (find the attached screenshot). What do I miss?
  3. Not sure if I can piggyback on this topic but let me try. In my use case, we monitor devices on vehicles that often go to areas with no mobile reception. So I still want to send a notification, but not at the moment they become offline, preferably after a few hours or so. Now, Notifications > Status has "send a notification when the computer is offline," but we can't set a duration to hold off. Do you have any suggestion for me to give a try? Maybe I can somehow use performance monitoring with a little trick?
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