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  1. Dear Pulseway Support, In the Windows policy we have enabled a couple of events (e.g. To detect if someone has unlocked Windows - EventID 4801). However, now we would like to forward it through Pulseway, but it doesn't seem to be triggered at all while they are being displayed in the Security Windows log... The following has been configured in Pulseway (Event Log Filter): Event Log: Security Level: Information, Audit Success Event IDs: 4801 Notification Priority: Critical And on top of that, would it be possible to forward this notification via an
  2. Dear Pulseway Support, At one of our customers we accidently clicked on "Disable Pulseway User Agent (pcmontask.exe). From this moment we aren't able anymore to remote access the PC. Now we need to ask the customer to 'Enable' it, but I'm hoping that something else is possible, to enable it somehow from remote (via PowerShell -> Registry)?
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