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  1. Hey Denver2020!



    To install PulseWay from scratch on OpenMediaVault do the follwoing

    Make sure your TimeZone is set on OpenMediaVault, this is on the left side of the web interface under the dropdown group System > Date & Time

    Enable SSH on the OpenMediaVault server, this is on the left side of the web interface under the dropdown group Services > SSH

    Login to the server via SSH

    Download the PulseWay Debian 64bit client from the downloads

    run the following in the command line

    wget https://www.pulseway.com/download/pulseway_x64.deb

    Now run the following

    dpkg --install pulseway_x64.deb && cp /etc/pulseway/config.xml.sample /etc/pulseway/config.xml

    (not acutally sure if you need to copy the config file like that on setup - can't hurt to do it just incase though)

    Now run the following


    Go through the steps to register the system..



    PulseWay not starting after config file updated

    First off, lets assume that you have already installed PulseWay and you are in limbo with your config file.

    Log into the OpenMediaVault server using SSH

    Run the following in the terminal


    Key 4, to unregister the system

    Leave this SSH session open, we will come back to this later.


    Now let's Log in to the OpenMediaVault Web Interface

    On the options to the left you should see Date & Time - this is under the System dropdown group

    Click the slider switch to enable the NTP server

    Now choose your timezone from the dropdown menu just above this slider switch

    Save and apply the change (this should appear at the top of the page)


    OK, lets go back to the SSH session we left open,

    Run the following in the terminal window again


    Key 1, to register the system

    type in your username and passwords - It will ask if you want to start the pulseway service, obviously yes; and it should now start working :)


    You can run the following in the terminal to change up the config file if you want to enable and disable features

    sudo nano /etc/pulseway/config.xml
    nano /etc/pulseway/config.xml


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