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  1. Just happed again after wake, new system.log in PM to Paul. Havn't heard from Mark about the other apps that have issues? :/
  2. I'll send the logs next time it happens. Could you PM me, what other app's that have issues, havn't seen any errors It has happed from the start, it's a new reinstall of MacOS 10.15.x Just tryed a sleep, Pulseway works after wake, but it can take a few days, before it happens again :/
  3. Done. Btw just restarted to fix it, so hope the system.log files have the info you need?
  4. Hi, Pulseway on my mac-server, after some time, not responding. If I try to access Pulsway icon in the top menu, I get a beachball. I'v tryed reinstalling it with uninstall in it's menu and this: Same problem :/ If I restart the mac, Pulseway works again. The mac goes to sleep every night, it that matters? But it's not after sleep Pulseway gets non-responding Any idea's?
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